You can apply for UK Business visit visa [sometimes also referred to as UK Business visitor visa] if you would like to visit the UK for business-related activities, for example:
• visiting the UK for a conference, meeting or training
• visiting UK to take part in a specific sports-related event
• visiting the UK for a performance if you’re an artist, entertainer or musician
• visiting the UK for research purposes or accompanying students on a study abroad program [you will be required to demonstrate that you are an academic]
• visiting the UK for clinical attachment or as a observer if you’re a doctor or dentist
• visiting the UK to take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
• visiting the UK to get funding to start, take over, join or run a business in the UK. [this refers to obtaining funding from the UK to start, take over, join or running a business and not actually running a business]

UK business visas are a pre requisite for any non-visa national considering doing business in the UK. UK business visas fall under both settlement and non-settlement options.

Typically the non-settlement visa is the Business visit visa typically valid for 6 months to two years to five years and ten years.


Applicants who are considering applying for visit visa to the UK are required to demonstrate that

  • they will leave the UK at the end of their visit
  • have enough money to support themselves without working or help from public funds
  • can pay for their return or onward journey
  • will not be undertaking prohibited activities


What UK Business visitors are allowed to do

  • Attend meetings, conferences, seminars, interviews;
  • Negotiate and sign deals and contracts;
  • Attend trade fairs, for promotional work only (no sales)
  • Carry out site visits and inspections;
  • Collect information regarding their prospective business/investment;
  • Meet with clients to collect requirements/carry out installations/training to clients

Employees of companies can also apply under the business visit categories and carry out assignments for their clients/prospects:

  • For advisory/consulting assignment
  • Trouble-shooting and provide training
  • Sharing skills and knowledge for specific projects in case if intra company assignments

In what can be confusing at times applicants need to understand that UK business visitors also include artists, entertainers, sportspersons and musicians who may give performances as an individual or as part of a group and are permitted to:

  • take part in competitions or auditions;
  • make personal appearances and
  • take part in promotional activities; and
  • take part in one or more cultural events or festivals on the list of permit free festivals.
  • participate in tournaments / attend training


UK Business visitors have to be mindful that they are not permitted:

  • to take any employment in the UK;
  • establish or run a business as a self-employed person (applicants can set up companies);
  • sell directly to the public
  • carry work placement or internships;

Being mindful of the way businesses are conducted – the UK business visit visa allows applicants to take some activities for which they would get paid.


What are the application process for UK Business visit visa

  • Applicants are required to complete an online application
  • Visit the VFS for submission of the application of documents & biometrics

Applications are generally processed within 3 weeks, applicants can also pay for priority service to have the applications processed more quickly. It is important to note that paying for priority visas does not guarantee a successful outcome.


What are the documents required for the UK business visit visa application

Typically, applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Evidence of their identity
  • Evidence of the purpose for visiting the UK e.g. a specific conference or meeting you will be attending;
  • Evidence of financial support for the duration of the trip
  • Evidence of reasons to return to the home country

Extra: Settlement business visas have various options including:

  • Tier 1 Investor visa
  • Tier 2 sponsor licence
  • Representative of overseas business
  • Representative of media house
  • Innovator visa / Start up visa

If you want to know more about UK Business Visit Visa category or need assistance in your Business Visa UK application, you can contact us.

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