Foreign workers who want to settle as permanent residents in the Canadian province of Quebec may be eligible for immigration to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a points-based initiative, operated separately from the government of Canada’s own programs for skilled workers. Successful applicants may bring accompanying family members to Quebec, and a job offer is not required.

Recent rounds of invitations

Quebec began issuing the first invitations for Quebec Skilled Worker candidates using a new system called Arrima in July of 2019. View the latest results of the most recent rounds of invitations here:


Cap-exempt Quebec Skilled Worker applicants

Individuals with a validated job offer in Quebec, as well as temporary residents entitled to submit an application for a CSQ, may submit an application at any time, outside the regular intake limit.

It may also be possible to submit an application under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), with expedited processing times at the CSQ application stage. It should be noted that French proficiency is required under the PEQ.

Quebec Skilled Worker requirements

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is more complex than many other Canadian immigration programs. There are different eligibility thresholds for single applicants as opposed to applicants with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, and all applicants have to pass two points thresholds in order to be considered eligible.

As of January 1, 2020, all applicants for permanent residence through Quebec immigration programs are required to show they understand Quebec values. This can be done by passing a Quebec values test or completing a course in Quebec values.

Let’s first consider single applicants.


Single applicants

Single applicants first have to accrue at least 43 points (out of 99) across the following factors: education level, specific area of training, age, French ability, English ability, connections to Quebec through previous visits and/or family, and whether or not they have a validated job offer from an employer in Quebec.

Assessment Form: