Who is it for?

Self-employed workers with net assets of at least $100,000 and at least two years of experience in the profession of trade they wish to practice in Quebec.


How does it work?

Eligible applicants submit an application for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). With a CSQ, the applicant and his or her accompanying family members, if applicable, may apply for immigration to Canada.


What’s the advantage?

While under most Canadian economic immigration programs, self-employment may be either difficult to prove or not recognized as work experience altogether, the Quebec Self-Employed Program promotes self-employment and offers self-employed persons a route to permanent residence in Canada


How much does it cost?

Fees levied by the government of Quebec amount to $1,099 for the principal applicant, with further fees of $174 for an accompanying spouse or partner and $174 for each dependant child.

Once a CSQ has been obtained and the applicant can apply to the government of Canada for permanent residence, federal application fees amount to a processing fee of $1,575 and a right of permanent residence fee of $500 ($2,075 total), plus $1,325 for an accompanying spouse or partner (divided into a processing fee of $825 and a right of permanent residence fee of $500) and $225 for each accompanying child.


How long does it take?

IRCC lists the federal processing time at 54 months. This does not include the time it takes the government of Quebec to process the initial application.


Other considerations

Applicants should intend to live in the province of Quebec.


Where can I learn more?

The government of Quebec provides more details.

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