Who is it for?
Eligible foreign workers and businesspersons from countries that have an existing free trade agreement with Canada that includes the reciprocal exchange of certain categories of worker.

How does it work?
Under NAFTA and CETA, certain professions are listed for the reciprocal exchange of workers among signatory countries. In addition, business visitors, traders, and investors may enjoy simplified temporary entry to Canada.

What’s the advantage?
Eligible foreign workers and their employers-to-be in Canada are exempt from the requirement to obtain a Labour Marker Impact Assessment (LMIA) before the period of employment in Canada may commence, thereby eliminating an otherwise lengthy and detailed recruitment process. In certain cases, the LMIA-exempt work permit may be issued on the spot at a Canadian Port of Entry, making the process quick and relatively simple.

How much does it cost?
Work permits cost $155.

How long does it take?
Processing times depend on where you are applying from. See here for details.

Other considerations
For NAFTA professionals and businesspersons, it should be noted that the agreement is currently undergoing a renegotiation by the signatory countries, the outcome of which may fundamentally alter how, or even if, the agreement functions in the future.

Where can I learn more?
For US and Mexican nationals, see our comprehensive guide to NAFTA.
For citizens of EU countries, see our comprehensive guide to CETA.

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